Top 10 business trends and where they came from

Posted On February 23, 2021

This article written and posted by Xero comes from the research that Xero has gathered from it’s 2.3 million small business subscribers. It is a look at what businesses did in 2020, and what they will do more of in 2021.

Small businesses stared down some of the biggest and weirdest challenges they’ve ever faced in 2020. Experimentation and improvisation flowed fast, and with that came lots of lessons (and yes, a few bumps and bruises).

The business trends that emerged during the year were all about adaptation and resilience. Many of them worked, which is why we expect them to stick around into 2021. 

Explore our 10 trends

1. Seeing into the future is hot right now

2. Rainy day funds are going to bulk up in 2021

3. Business relationships will get a whole lot more love

4. Remote working will become even more of a thing

5. Selling online will be all the rage…again

6. Workplace flexibility is here to stay

7. Business continuity planning isn’t for the paranoid anymore

8. ‘Pivot’ is the buzzword that will never end

9. Flexible payments have proven their worth

10. Small business tech is on a roll