Nortons on Enterprise Ethernet NBN

Posted On November 3, 2021

We are delighted to announce that with the help of local experts including Rob Jeeves from Razorbyte Systems & Lynn Byrne at Highway Internet Services Pty Ltd we have gone live with our switch over to the new Enterprise Ethernet NBN. Our latest Speed Test is certainly impressive.

We feel that Mudgee being included as an Enterprise Fibre Zone is a game changer for local businesses and is something that more local businesses should be aware of and take up.

It means that our internet speeds can be the same and just as reliable as our competitors down in Sydney. Another great reason to live and work in this wonderful region.

For those who are not aware, the Business Fibre Initiative is an investment of up to $700mill in a multi-faceted package delivered by NBN Co over the next 3 years to support innovation, productivity and growth for Australian Businesses.

A key part of the initiative includes the creation of nbn™ Business Fibre Zones across Australia, of which Mudgee is now one of those zones. For businesses within these zones, nbn is offering Enterprise Ethernet to service providers with no up-front build costs, and at their most competitive wholesale service pricing.

Enterprise Ethernet is designed to support a variety of business needs and applications. When you are running applications that are time sensitive and require consistent bandwidth, those that run on the cloud, or that rely on upload speed as much as download speed, you need a high performance, reliable fibre network. This is where Enterprise Ethernet comes to the fore.

Data over Enterprise Ethernet comes with a symmetrical profile – same upload and download speeds (as you can see from our Speed Test posted above). For applications such as cloud computing and video conferencing, uploads can be just as important as downloads in order to help ensure consistent connectivity and performance.

We feel that this move to the Enterprise Ethernet will help to future proof our business. Not only will the consistent bandwidth help us work more efficiently, but as we become increasingly more reliant upon cloud based activities we need an internet that can cope and grow with us.

Enterprise Ethernet is designed so that as your business changes – such as an increase of employees, or the adoption of more bandwidth-heavy applications – it can be scaled based on your needs. So you can continue being productive, collaborative and innovative, now and into the future.

At times data over the nbn™ network exceeds the capacity of the network, causing congestion. But not all data is equal – with Enterprise Ethernet’s priority data option, your business applications can be prioritised ahead of other residential and business data using the nbn™ network. This means that for the applications using priority data, there should be less congestion, helping providers to offer a reliable, high performing service to your business.

Enterprise Ethernet runs upon a complete fibre network, including dedicated fibre between premises and the Fibre Access Node (FAN). This is designed to deliver a premium grade solution that’s suited to the demands of businesses, designed to optimise performance and help minimise downtime.

So if your business is reliant upon the internet and you have had frustrations with sluggish speeds when the schools finish in the afternoon. Or if you are an accommodation provider who’s guests complain about the slow WiFi, or if you work from home, then you should really consider getting onto the Enterprise Ethernet to help improve your efficiency and productivity.